Russian Bath on Wood

  • Русская баня на дровах
  • Сауна с бассейном
  • Сауна с бассейном
  • Сауна с бассейном
  • Сауна с бассейном
  • Русская баня: процедуры

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Russian bath with a swimming pool

The cost of one hour: 350 UAH per hour (up to 8 people);
Supplement for each subsequent person: 35 UAH / hour;
Pool with sea salt, no chlorine;
Minimal order: 2 hours;
Procedures: Warming up with a towel, sheet, scrubs, cryomassage, various peelings (honey, saline, beer, herbal), wraps (salt, herbal), etc .;
The cost of the sauna includes: herbal tea, lemonade, honey, slippers, towels, hats, hairdryer;
In the recreation room there is a plasma TV and a cooler with water.

Russian bath on firewood in Zaporozhye

The Holy of Holies, there is a steam room and a rest room, which are entirely made of wooden decks and beams. Having warmed up, the bath will sate the warm air with a delicate aroma of wood and grass. Traditional stove “kamenka” on environmentally friendly wood, gives the opportunity to give in to the heat at will, splashing on the heated fireplace – with water.

After a broom and various bath procedures, you can easily plunge into a cool pool with a counterflow, waterfall and hydromassage, or pour cold water from a wooden cask.

Between bath procedures, you can relax in the relaxation room, drink a fragrant, fragrant tea with honey from mountain, forest and meadow grass. During the tea ceremony, you can enjoy the interior, made in Russian style.

In the Russian bath, unlike the hammam, the air is filled with saturated steam, the temperature rises to 60-90 degrees. The stroller is equipped with shelves at different heights from the floor, the temperature at each height is different, at the ceiling it is the highest. Humidity in the Russian bath 50-60%.

The Russian bath is mentioned in the annals of the 10th-12th centuries. It was called a “mob”, a “wash” or simply a “bathhouse”. The device of the Russian bath differs significantly from the Roman baths, and Turkish hammams – the Russian bath was always built of wood and was devoid of any luxury. The bathhouse had only two rooms – a dressing room, where you could change clothes and relax between the steam baths, and the steam room itself. The stove was heated with firewood, on which stones were laid, for which it got its name – “Kamenka”.

Since ancient times it was believed that you should not go to the bath immediately after eating, with a bath you need to wait 3-4 hours. During the rest in the bath you can have a snack with vegetables or fruits. To bath drinks have long been: kvass, mors, natural juice and phyto-tea. You can not drink alcohol in the bath.

The Russian bath does not like strong activity, with bath procedures it is necessary to be very cautious, as it exhausts forces. After a bath, an obligatory long rest.

Unique complex procedures with the use of only natural ingredients, combined with professional work of herbalists and long-term work of the bath attendants.

Each complex of procedures is selected individually, according to the ancient canons of bath traditions.

Complexes of procedures

Different kinds of wigs, various brooms (classical, doublet, ice, etc.) A wide selection of peelings with natural ingredients (honey, honey-salt, honey-coffee, salt-beer, honey-grass, etc.) . We invite true connoisseurs of the ancient Russian bath.

A complete list of Russian bath procedures can be found here.