Bath complex of hotel Venice

Russian bath on firewood with a pool, hammam with a swimming pool in Zaporizhia
Русская баня SPA массажОтель Венеция, русская баня 

Russian bath on firewood

Russian bath with pool Price per hour: 400 UAH / hour (up to 8 people); Surcharge for each subsequent person: 40 UAH / hour; Swimming pool with sea salt, without chlorine; Min. order: 2 hours; Procedures: Warming up with a towel, sheets, scrubs, cryomassage, various peels (honey, salt, beer, herbal), wraps (salt, herbal), etc .;...
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Турецкая баня хаммам SPA массаж Отель Венеция, хаммам 

Turkish Bath

Hammam with a pool in Zaporizhia Price per hour: 400 UAH (up to 8 people); Surcharge for each subsequent person: 40 UAH / hour; Min. order: 2 hours; Procedures: Traditional Turkish massage (peeling “kesse”, foam), Massage “Mulatto”, Massage “Tropic”, pilling; Complexes: Berber, Herbal, Turkish, Chocolate, Egyptian; The price includes: slippers, towels, hats, hairdryer; In the...
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Массаж в Запорожье отель Венеция SPA 

Massage in Zaporizhia

Massage as an excellent method of treatment and prevention has been known for a long time. According to Chinese authors, it was known about three thousand years B.C. In ancient Greece and Rome, massages were applied in medicine as a remedy for many ailments. Cozy atmosphere, sensitive and caring hands of the best masseurs will...
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Хаммам: процедуры 

Hammam: procedures

Massages Massage session is 30 min Foam massage – 384 UAH Peeling massage coffee – 417 UAH Peeling massage honey-coffee – 450 UAH Peeling massage honey and salt – 450 UAH Children’s foam massage – 250 UAH Chocolate massage – 584 UAH Peeling massage creamy and coffee – 450 UAH Nutritional face and body masks...
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