Turkish Bath

Hammam with a pool in Zaporizhia

Price per hour: 400 UAH (up to 8 people);
Surcharge for each subsequent person: 40 UAH / hour;
Min. order: 2 hours;
Procedures: Traditional Turkish massage (peeling “kesse”, foam), Massage “Mulatto”, Massage “Tropic”, pilling;
Complexes: Berber, Herbal, Turkish, Chocolate, Egyptian;
The price includes: slippers, towels, hats, hairdryer;
In the restroom there are: a plasma TV, water cooler;
The pool is filled with sea water;
Music for relaxation, aromatherapy.




Hammam is one of the effective methods of physiotherapy that effects on the health and relaxation of human body, as well as on appearance of the skin.

The Turkish bath has a heated stone lounger, as the Turks call it “chebek-tashi”, which means a stone for the abdomen. In the Turkish baths (Zaporizhia’s hammam) on a hot stone they most often lie on the abdomen, sweat, do a traditional foam-soap massage and many other procedures, cleansing the body and soul from evil spirits and being born again into the world. After the massage-wash, you can pour cold water from a wooden tub or dive into the pool with a comfortable temperature for the body. The pool has a backflow, hydromassage, waterfall. The water in the pool has sea salt.

In the Turkish bath there is a spacious room “Eastern Bath” – a warm marble stone, on which the guest is placed and well steamed. In a fragrant steam, the body is relieved of fatigue, the muscles become flexible, elastic, and the mood is cheerful and joyful. Between the procedures and after them, you can relax in the restroom, and drink fragrant herbal tea with honey. During tea time you can enjoy a beautiful interior and a burning fireplace.

The centuries-old experience of the Ancient East, combined with the professional work of our specialists, will dispel all doubts about where to spend your free time.

Ancient Eastern bath with a temperature of 40-55 C and humidity of about 80-100% strengthens the activity of the cardiovascular system and the nervous system functions.

The feature of the Eastern baths, in contrast to the traditional concept of the Russian bath, is that they have deep heating of the whole body; the body has the ability to quickly relax and recharge with energy even after a hard day’s work.

150 years ago, the Englishman David Erkvart, traveling the world, was greatly impressed by the Muslim bath (Hammam). He drew up ideal plans for a hammam equipment, and came up with a term that everyone still uses today – a Turkish bath.

The Turks took over the practice of using hot baths from the Arabs. The Arabs borrowed them from the Romans, from which the sequence of rooms with different temperatures remained. But the equipment of the rooms inside was changed – in the hot steam room appeared masseurs, which Romans never had.

The unique complexes of procedures, amazing combinations of marble healing properties, healing steam, phototherapy, peelings and traditional Turkish massages will impress anyone.

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